LORSAT focuses on the integration of LPWAN LoRaWAN networks with satellites backhaul in the service of an application scenario. Precision agriculture  was selected as target use case since it has been already proved to be one of the best fit for the target IoT technologies and satellite communication means, requesting long-range coverage (including in not-easily accessible remote area), reliability, and adaptability.

LORSAT focuses on a specific aspect: the IoT data collection and transmission over satellite, from the end-devices until the remote network/application server, and the following transmission of actuation commands from the server till the end devices.

The technical research activities carried out in the LORSAT project will target heterogeneous network integration validation first in laboratory, based on simulation. LORSAT will develop an open-source simulation tool, as an extension of NS3 and SNS3, reproducing the LORSAT system model, and implementing the proposed LoraWAN scheduling and optimisation techniques.

Second, validation in a real scenario, with the development of a proof-of-concept (PoC), aiming to the successful demonstration of LORSAT capabilities.

Besides the dissemination into the IoT, LPWAN, satellite research community, the LORSAT outcomes, in particular the LoRaWAN scheduling techniques will be promoted to standardization, in the IETF LPWAN WG.